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Pittsburgh Headshots - Head shot photography for actors and models

If you’re a model or actor and you’re located In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, you should consider getting your next headshot taken by Michael Ray Photography.  Michael is a highly skilled commercial people photographer with years of experience shooting models for commercial photo projects.  His clients include Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design firms, Public Relations firms, Corporations, and Magazines from around the country.   Michael Ray’s commercial portraits model and actors headshots have been populating the portfolios of modeling agencies’ comp card stands for years now, and if it’s time for you to get a new headshot, Michael Ray can make you look your best.

Pittsburgh Headshot Photographer Services

Standard headshot – The standard modeling or actor’s headshot includes three distinct “looks”, or backgrounds.  You can have one change of clothing per background and we will discuss, before the shoot, which of our background looks will work best for you.  If the whether allows, we can use local outdoor environments as one of your looks. 

Hair and makeup is an option.  If you feel confident that you can create the look you want by supplying your own hair and makeup, you can save a little money.  If you don’t feel confident doing your own makeup, we can provide a professional person that we fell confident will do a fine job.

During the shoot, you will have hundreds of photos taken, and Michael will not stop shooting until he is assured that he has takes many great headshots, not only for you, but for his portfolio.  In approximately seven days after the shoot, you will receive a disk containing most of the raw, high-resolution jpg images from the shoot.  Michael will go through the images and edit out any bad images caused by blinks, silly faces, or other technical issues.  These images will be “raw images” and will need to be tweaked in order to give the best reproduction possible.  After you’ve chosen the images you want Michael to have printed, email him the file names and he will make tweak the files and make you your prints.  If you wish to have your prints made by someone else, you are legally free to do so.

If you are looking for a business portrait of business head shot in Pittsburgh, please see our Pittsburgh business head shot and business portrait page.

With Michael Ray’s Pittsburgh headshots, you get a disk with all the usable images and you’re welcome to have them reproduces as you wish.  Besides the disk given to you, Michael will also supply a complimentary disk to your Modeling agency, if you have one.

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