Law Firm Location Head Shot

Law Firm Head Shot Morgan Lewis

Law Firm Location Head Shot

Here’s a photo is did earlier today for the Pittsburgh Office of Morgan Lewis.  I get a call whenever this is a new hire or if someone wants to update their head shot.  I shoot employee head shots for other Pittsburgh Firms, some in my Strip District studio, and others at the office of the company hiring me.  While I enjoy both types of head shot assignments, I especially like the challenge of finding just the right background.  The environmental background can’t be too busy, but should, if possible represent the subject’s employer.  In this case, the law firm is located at One Oxford Center, and the slanted support columns are a recognizable architectural element of the company’s prestigious address.  While some clients insist on getting the company’s logo in the shot, I usually find the symbol distracting and it ends up taking away from the subject. I think that this shot works really well and the background is plain, but interesting.  It’s just about perfect.

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