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Pittsburgh Modeling and Acting F.A.Q.

If you are interested in becoming a model or an actor, and you live in or near Pittsburgh PA, you’ll want to take the time to watch this video.  The Talent Group‘s co-founder, Richard Kohn answers a bunch of questions related to modeling, acting, voice-overs, and even headshot photography. Some of the advice he gives here may apply only to smaller markets such as Pittsburgh or Cleveland, but I’m sure that much of it will be universal to all acting or modeling careers.

Modeling and Acting Expert

As a Pittsburgh headshot and commercial photographer, I get asked questions all the time related to the modeling and acting industries, from aspiring young talent.  To be honest, I didn’t know the answers to many of the questions put to me so I decided to go ask an expert.

Richard Kohn is one of the co-founders of one of Pittsburgh’s two talent agencies, The Talent Group.  The Talent Group has been around since 1994 and is going strong today.  If anyone in Pittsburgh is an expert regarding the modeling and acting industry, it’s Richard, and he was kind enough to sit down in front of my camera and answer all the questions I could think of.  After the shoot was over, but for now, this will have to do…

Who is this video for?

If you’re even considering becoming a model or an actor, I think you’ll want to watch this…  It’s a half hour long, but it’s packed with information that may influence your future.  Lots of it may not apply to you but much of it will and its information that you really can’t find in too many other places.  You can’t learn this info from books or classes.  The only way to understand the Pittsburgh modeling and acting industry is to ask someone that really knows the subject and that’s what I’ve done here.  These are the types of people that I think will get something out of this video:

Aspiring models, no matter what the age

Aspiring actors or actresses, no matter what the age

Aspiring Voice over talent

Aspiring headshot photographers

Parents of aspiring actors of models

Teachers of People interested in modeling or acting

Here is a list of questions that Richard answered in the video:

What types of talent does The Talent Group represent?

What % of talent are models, vs actors, vs voice?

What % of the talent make a living from this?

How does The Talent Group find work for its models, actor, and voices?

Why Should talent be represented by an agent?

What makes The Talent Group better than its competition?

Does The Talent Group require exclusive representation?

How does an agency make its money?

How does The Talent Group find new models and actors to represent?

How should new talent go about contacting The Talent Group?

Do people need photos when showing up at an open call?

What % of people that show up at an open call are selected?

If once rejected by an agency, does it make sense to try again?

How many models does The Talent Group represent?

Do all types of talent need to have headshots?

How much money does the average model in Pittsburgh make?

What types of clients are there mostly in Pittsburgh?

Do models need a portfolio?

How many jobs that come in are print vs. video?

How do clients go about selecting models or actors?

Is there a minimum height for models or actors?

Does the Talent Group represent children?

What types of models make the most money in Pittsburgh?

Is there a typical job for model or actor?

How much does the agency charge for their models?

Do models or actors need to join a union?

Are there recommended classes or training required or suggested?

Are there specific types of models The Talent Group needs right now?

Is the talent ever responsible for makeup and wardrobe?

Do models need a printed comp-card?

How important is it to have a professional headshot?

Is there a difference between a model’s headshot and an actor’s headshot?

Are there any current trends in headshot photography?

Do you prefer location or studio headshots?

Would you recommend having a makeup artist when shooting headshots?

Do you have any suggestions about wardrobe for headshots?

How many photos does The Talent Group keep on file of each talent?

How tightly should the headshot be cropped?

How many “looks” do you suggest talent have?

Should the talent or the agent choose the final headshots?

Have more questions about modeling or acting in Pittsburgh?

I have to admit… It’s a long video and it’s not for everyone, but if you are considering becoming a model, an actor, a voice over talent, or even a headshot photographer, the video should answer most of the questions you may have.  And by chance you do have other questions, I’d be glad to get them answered for you.  Send me an email. I’ll get ahold of Richard and ask him the question. Then I’ll send you the answer and I’ll also post it here so others will benefit.

Good luck and keep in touch!

Here’s the video “Modeling / Acting FAQ”  interview with Richard Kohn of The Talent Group.

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