Employee Headshots For Webpage Banner

Employee headshots for Webpage Banners

Employee Headshots For Webpage Banners

These headshots were taken about a week ago for a local Pittsburgh marketing firm. The photos are of their new employees and I guess that each person may have dad their own bio page.  The headshots were taken so that there was room of type off to the side of each person’s head.  I was told that it didn’t matter which side, but we needed to leave room off to one side or another.  Another requirement of the photos was that the background needed to be soft and simple enough so that the type placed there could easily be read.

These shots are a really good example of shooting in different places, in the same office environment.  By doing this, it’s a little slower than shooting all the employee headshtos in the exact same place, but it gives variety to the shots and makes everything a little more interesting to look at.

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