Retouch the lines away, or not?

Pittsburgh-Headshots of black man

How far do you want to go, in retouching Actor’s headshots?

It’s always interesting to see what my subjects want me to do in the way of retouching.  Some pople want me to do very little while others would be happy if I retouched an entire new face onto their body.  You would think that women are more vain than men, but that’s not always the case.  Heck, that’s not normally the case… :o)

This gentleman’s acting niche is as an “older guy”, so of course, retouching on him was minimal.  In fact, I increased the “sharpness” to give his face just a little more “grit”.  I think it worked out really well, and as a matter of fact, I had woman choose me to do her headshot BECAUSE of this shot.

Usually, but not always, actors want to look more natural, whereas most models want me to take more liberties in making them look as perfect as possible.  The problem is that when people reach a certain age, a model or actor is hired because they are older, so where do you draw the line?  How much do you retouch?  I like to leave that decision in the hands of the model or actor.  So if you’re going to have your next headshot taken soon, give this issue a little though before you wall in the door…

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