Typical business headshot location gig

Business location headshots

Business location headshot shoot from earlier in the week.

Typical Business Location Headshot / Portrait Shoot

This kind of shoot is great for getting headshots for the webpage, LinkedIn profile photos, Press-Releases, and a million other purposes. I am able to shoot quite a few of these in an afternoon, so it’s possible to get a “quantity discount” thing going. I charge for my time, so if we keep it simple,we can get an whole lot of people photographed in the half day.

How to save money on multiple headshots

If I would of been asked to find a separate location for every shot, The shoot would of taken longer than it did, making it a bit more expensive for the client.  And if the shots don’t appear right next to the others on the webpage, (or whatever), then that’s even better.  By choosing only one location, I was able to select THE best location and I didn’t need to compromise on any of them.  The office was a typical cube setup.  This was the lobby area and without a doubt, the most attractive environment in the entire office.

If you get PROFESSIONAL headshots for you company, you won’t regret it

The key to making a shot like this look good, is keeping the background interesting but not too distracting, making nice light, using selective focus, and getting a great expression, all at the same time.  That’s what professional headshots will always beat out the snapshots that the secretary can come up with.  Sure, she might get lucky now and then, but if you HAVE to have it done right, then it’s a good idea to hire a professional.  And if you need any recommendations as to whom you should call for your next business headshot. please let me know and I can give you a name… :o)

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